10 Rules of Hiking Etiquette I Wish I’d Known Sooner!

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These are the 10 most important rules of hiking etiquette I wish I’d known sooner! If you’ve broken any of these rules, you are not alone – the rules of hiking etiquette can be pretty confusing or hard to follow. Most of these rules go unspoken, and yet some hikers expect every other hiker to have been born knowing them! It’s as if the first two rules of hiking etiquette are to not talk about hiking etiquette. In this video I am attempting to change the unspoken nature of the rules of hiking best practice, as well as sharing some thoughts about what to do if you see another hiking breaking these rules or making any mistakes on trail! Did I miss any important rules of good hiking etiquette? Let me know in the comments below!

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Important context for these hiking rules: 0:35
Hiking Etiquette Rule #1: 1:02
Hiking Etiquette Rule #2: 2:31
Hiking Etiquette Rule #3: 3:44
Hiking Etiquette Rule #4: 4:18
Hiking Etiquette Rule #5: 5:24
Hiking Etiquette Rule #6: 6:00
Hiking Etiquette Rule #7: 7:55
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Hiking Etiquette Rule #8: 10:41
Hiking Etiquette Rule #9: 11:34
Hiking Etiquette Rule #10: 12:36
What to do if you see someone breaking these rules: 13:48
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The Rules of Hiking Etiquette I Wish I’d Known Sooner | Miranda Goes Outside
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