60 Minutes Of Dogs Being Hilarious And Adorable | 1 Hour Of Animal Videos | Dodo Kids

We searched the whole world and found the funniest, sweetest, most loveable dogs we could, and put them all in one video! Watch a dog who’s obsessed with keeping his prized stick, a dog with a job whose best bud is a cat, some dogs being bad, some dogs being rescued and so much more!

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Special Thanks to
Henry, Kiki & Jen

Sir Henry Archibald & Amy

Foxy Lady, Shorttail, Mazzy & Trisha


Rex, Eiger & Michelle

Jody & Stella

Lea, Samson & Cleo

Nilla & Cierra

Ali Thompson & Bunny
Logan (FKA Simon), Vicki & Carl
Tori, Katie & KC Pet Project @kcpetproject

Ashley and Turbo

Wolfgang, Erin & Chad

Drax & His Family

Lil Hobbs and Kathryn

Ihop, Waffles, Duke & Steph

Bubby, Simon & Katharine

Galgos del Sol Animal Rescue

Koda, Yogi, Cecelie

Khan & Lindsey

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