9 Common Backpacking Myths… BUSTED!

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You don’t need hardcore wilderness survival skills to go backpacking! Boom, that’s one myth BUSTED! In this video I’m busting 9 common backpacking myths that I think too many backpackers believe! Don’t feel bad if at any point you believed any of these myths about backpacking, or even if you still do! I picked these 9 myths because they are misconceptions about backpacking that I used to believe myself! If you are new to backpacking, or even a savvy vet needing a refresher, I’ve got your back busting these 9 all too common backpacking myths!

Intro: 00:00
Backpacking and camping gear are the same: 0:55
Backpacking requires survival skills: 1:36
You can camp anywhere: 3:24
Every backpacker cooks over a campfire: 4:39
Backpacking food is disgusting: 6:11
Backpacking is always fun: 7:31
You need to train for a backpacking trip: 8:44
Burp: 9:27
Backpacking is an endurance challenge: 9:30
Backpacking is monolithic: 10:07
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