Backpacking Questions You Might Be TOO EMBARRASSED To Ask #6

00:00 Hey Y’all
00:30 Do You Take Off Your Shorts Completely When Pooping?
01:23 Can Someone With A SEVERE Peanut Allergy Complete a Major Trail (AT, PCT, etc)
02:14 Why do backpackers use watches to tell time when they have phones and Garmin messaging devices?
03:15 What is the risk of stumbling across a Yellowjacket nest and getting stung?
03:50 If people are already at a marked campsite, is it ok to assume you can join them there?
05:14 Should you wear cotton undergarments on long hikes?
06:55 Backpacking After A Mastectomy
09:02 When camping with people, do you put your tent RIGHT next to there’s or give yourself some distance?
09:34 Have you ever run up on people ‘doing it,’ bumpin’ uglies on trail?
10:35 How do you keep your nether region clean?
11:54 Do you notice your glutes growing after a few weeks on trail?
13:11 How do you know what pack size you need?
14:17 How do you deal with toilet paper? Burn it? Bury it?
15:19 Where do you spit your toothpaste?

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