HUGE Change of Plans.. Flipping up to Katahdin & Night Hiking Baxter State Park | Appalachian Trail

Today was a whirlwind..
Since Cody was only visiting for a week and planned to do the 100 mile wilderness and Mt. Katahdin with me, we drove from Hostel of Maine to Monson, ME where the southern terminus of the 100 mile wilderness was.
We planned to stop by Shaw’s to resupply on some backpacking meals, schedule a food drop, and talk about parking and shuttling options. (we called ahead and told them these plans and they told us it was no problem and to come on over) They weren’t entirely helpful since their gear shop was locked and it seemed like no one had the time to have a conversation with us. We were told the shop would re-open at 2pm which was 3.5 hours away so we started wasting some time in town by visiting the ATC office. At this point I 100% needed to get into the shop to purchase some replacement trail runners.
Wendy from the ATC was telling us all the information we needed to know about Baxter State Park. We didn’t deal with logistical problems with the park on our last thru-hike because we were so early in the season and it wasn’t busy. Since we would now be visiting on a weekend in September, it was going to be a whole different story. All the reservations were already taken. Thru-hikers are able to arrive at the park and sign up to stay at a shelter, but that is first come first serve, so even if went with that route, we weren’t guaranteed a place to stay in the park the day we would get there or a permit to even hike Katahdin.
Since we were both on a time constraint due to work, we didn’t want to risk having to wait an extra day to hike Katahdin. That’s why we decided to flip up to Baxter State Park this day, get a reservation to camp in the park that night, and summit Katahdin the next morning then continue the rest of the trail south. We did end up stopping in Millinocket on our way to the park to visit the 100 Mile Wilderness Inn and discuss the food drop and car shuttle with them and they were able to accommodate. Also.. since there is 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park, we decided to just get that done as soon as we got there that night, since we didn’t want another zero day. Phew.. I know this was a lot of information and the video seemed a little all over the place, but hopefully now you are caught up haha.

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