Just Glad to Be Alive: Zermatt’s Oberrothorn Traverse

One glorious day hiking in Zermatt, Switzerland, we decided to create our very own traverse in the Oberrothorn / Blauherd / Sunnegga region. What started as a spectacular day of frolicking amongst the glaciers, peaks and meadows along the Zermatt hiking trails quickly turned into an epic and heart-pounding scramble along a steep knife edge overlooking the Matterhorn and surrounding peaks. While we don’t recommend the traverse for reasons that will become obvious, the climb up to Oberrothorn is seriously Switzerland hiking at its very finest!

To be clear, a lot of preparation went into planning this traverse. We have done over 100 of these kinds of traverses. Anyone who wants to do off trail hiking should make sure that they have the experience and skills to do it safely. We always bring essentials including extra layers, first aid gear, and satellite communication devices.

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