Silent Hiking above the Arctic Circle for 10 days – Norway



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In June 2023 I hiked on the Lofoten Islands of Norway for 10 days. The Lofoten Islands, located in northern Norway about 130 kilometers (80 miles) above the Arctic Circle, form an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea. These islands stretch east-west direction in the Norwegian Sea across a total length of approximately 122 kilometers (76 miles).
These islands are characterized by their rugged mountain ranges that rise abruptly from the surrounding waters. About 80% of the islands’ surface is covered by mountains.
On day 1 and 2 I hiked the Matmora ridge, day 3 to the frozen lake of Botnvatnet. On day 4 I made it to Vestvågøya island and hiked towards Leknes via Dalstuva where I camped on top of the mountain. On day 5 I watched the midnight sun above the clouds at 3am, and the next morning I hiked down to Konsfjordpollen to spend a night inside. On day 6 I started hiking on Moskenesøya and hiked to Ryten peak, Kvalvika beach and Horseidvika beach. On day 7 I hiked to Kjerkfjorden and took the ferry to Vindstad. I finished with climbing Hermannsdalstinden. On day 8 I got to Å, and spent the night next to Ågvatnet. On day 9 I climbed over a tricky pass to Gjerdvika and Turtnbakkvika beach where I spent the night. On day 10 I got back to Å.
For the full itinerary, including details about public transport, must-sees, my exact campsites, accomodation, flights, gpx-files, camping and weather, check out my travel guide: XXX

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0:00 Aerial Lofoten & day 1
2:56 Day 2 – The frozen ice lake
6:17 Day 3 – Dinner in the midnightsun
10:10 Day 4 – Sky islands at 3am
12:14 Day 5 – Kvalvika beach
15:13 Camping on the beach (Horseidvika)
16:34 Day 6 – Ferry over the fjord
20:13 The tallest peak of the Lofoten – Hermannsdalstinden
22:16 Day 7 – Å
25:03 Day 8 – The dangerous mountain pass
27:50 Day 9 – Back to town
29:10 Outro with photos

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