Solo Canoe Trip: 3 Days in Swedish Lapland

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In June 2023 I spent 3 days canoeing in the waters of Swedish Lapland, east of Jokkmokk, above the arctic circle in northern Sweden. My trip started in Årrenjarka from where I canoed west along to coast to Saggat. I camped on a small inhabited island near the start of the Kvikkjokk delta. On the second day I canoed up the Gamájåhkå river towards the border of Sarek National Park. I explored the many channels in the delta and went up the Tarraätno river as far as possible. I camped on a lake plateau (lake dock) on lake Mierdékjávrre. On the third day I hiked up to the peak of Prinskullen and canoed back in a storm to Årrenjarka.

Special thanks to Matti @JOKKMOKKGUIDERNA for his advice as a local outdoors expert.

This is an ambient film without dialog.

0:00 Intro with drone shots
1:06 Day 1 – Along the lake
2:38 Camping on an inhabited island
5:10 Day 2 – Into the delta of Sarek National Park
12:16 Camping on a lake plateau
15:01 Day 3 – Hiking up Prinskullen
17:56 Caught in a rainstorm
20:09 Outro with photos

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