The “Healthy” Food You Need To AVOID EATING To Prevent Disease & Inflammation | Jeff Nobbs

Vegetable oils are a hot topic in the wellness world. Some believe they’re a heart-healthy alternative to saturated fats, while others claim their impact is far worse for our overall health than we initially thought. If you’re confused about seed oils, this episode is for you.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Jeff Nobbs to discuss the top seed oils consumed today and why they are so problematic for cardiometabolic health. Jeff maps out the history of seed oils and how they’ve become ubiquitous in restaurants and ultra-processed foods. He also describes the research limitations and selective reporting that have heavily influenced their recommendation and use.

Jeff Nobbs is the cofounder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, a food company replacing destructive vegetable oils with a healthier, more sustainable option. With over 15 years of experience in health and nutrition, Jeff has cofounded several start-ups to offer better-quality ingredients and nutrition-forward foods to people and communities, including the fast-casual restaurant chain Kitava. Jeff also cofounded HelpKitchen to connect food-insecure individuals with restaurants and has served as the COO for Perfect Keto and GM of Ebates (formerly Rakuten), a cash-back and shopping rewards company.

In this episode, Dhru and Jeff dive into:
-Why seed oils aren’t as good for us as we initially thought
-The impact of seed oils on the body
-How to test your omega-6 blood levels
-The history of seed oils and how they’ve become so pervasive
-Why trans fats were “banned” from commercial production
-Observational research and the argument for seed oils
-Randomized controlled trials and the argument against seed oils
-Dhru’s personal experience with seed oils and growing up vegetarian
-Jeff’s story and how he became involved with seed oils
-The top seed oils consumed in restaurants and ultra-processed foods
-The downsides of fear-mongering seed oils in mainstream media
-The adulteration of olive oil and avocado oil and why it’s a problem
-Jeff’s thoughts on high-oleic oil
-About Zero Acre Farms’ mission and their cultured oil’s flavor, calorie -density, and environmental impact
-The top dietary principles Jeff follows to keep himself healthy
-The top lifestyle principles Jeff follows to keep himself healthy

Also mentioned in this episode:
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-McDonald’s Broke My Heart – Malcolm Gladwell:
-The Minnesota Coronary Heart Experiment:
-The Basement Tapes – Malcolm Gladwell:
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