The Range of Light – Award Winning Hiking Documentary | 400 Miles in 35 Days

Award Winning Hiking Documentary – The Range of Light – 400+ Miles in 35 Days

The Range of Light is an intimate look into the lives of three hikers as they tackle the high routes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, covering over 400 miles in around 35 days. The film looks at the addictive nature of long-distance hiking, the creation of high routes, and the threats these wild places face.

The Range of Light was shot by Paul Ingram in 2019 and edited through covid times. With the support of the film’s sponsors mentioned below, funding was raised to gather together a post-production team, some US based, some in the UK, and some in Pauls’s adopted home country in Finland. Upon completion, the film ran in the adventure film festival circuit, being viewed at 6 different festivals around the globe and winning the award of best cinematography at the Lyons International Film Festival. In the spring of 2023, The Range of Light had its Finnish premiere, where industry professionals, friends, and family could watch the film together before its online release on YouTube.

With the success of his first film Paul received funding and production support from Kendal Film Festival in the UK and RAB to produce a second film. Seasons Lost is currently in production in 2023 and will enter the film festival circuit at the end of the year.

0:00 – Intro
9:49 – Kings Canyon High Basin Route (KCHBR)
39:01- The High Sierra Trail
45:17 – The Southern Sierra High Route
1:00:53 – The Sierra High Route

The Range of Light was produced in association with:
Gossamer Gear
Enlightened Equipment

Key Themes:
– The 400+ mile hike through the Sierra Nevada over 35ish days
– The addictive nature of long-distance hiking and the stories of our hikers
– How High Routes are created (centring on the Kings’ Canyon High Basin Route, Sierra High Route, and Southern Sierra High Route)
– Threats the Sierra Nevada and other wild places face (overuse, climate change, land management)
– Elitism in the outdoor community

Key Characters and Interviewees:

1. Josh “Cheesebeard” Tippett – Triple Crowner, Photographer, Baker
Struggle/Story – Moving to Finland, figuring out what to do with his life, excited to fly fish in the Sierra, and to see areas of the Sierra most people don’t.

2. Danielle “Sonic” Vilaplana – Long-distance multi-sport lizard based out of a Ford Ranger in Utah and Wyoming
Struggle/Story – She attempts the hike a few months after breaking and dislocating her leg in a skiing accident. Living in her truck to fund the lifestyle. Motivated to hike the high routes in the Sierra and avoid the elitism on the triple crown trails.

3. Paul “Pie” Ingram – English guy living in Finland and hiking all over the world
Struggle/Story – Starting his own small business and film-making career. Being away from his fiancee. Motivated to push his limits by hiking cross-country routes through the Sierra and creating a documentary.

Massive thanks to all of the interviewees featured in The Range of Light:

Andrew Skurka – National Geographic Adventurer of the year, ultra-long distance hiker, and creator of the Kings’ Canyon High Basin Route in the Sierra

“Adventure” Alan Dixon – Lightweight Backpacking pioneer, founder of, and Creator of the Southern Sierra High Route

Kurt Wedberg – Owner of Sierra Mountain Guides in Bishop CA, has Multiple ascents of Everest and has completed the Seven Summits

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I am Paul “Pie” Ingram. I am a hiker and filmmaker from the UK that’s living in Finland and hiking all over the world. Pieonthetrail is all about sharing my hiking films, reviewing gear, and sharing tips and tricks. In 2015 I Thru-Hiked the 2189-mile Appalachian Trail; in 2017, I finished the 2700-mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT). I’ve also hiked:
– The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal
– 400+ miles on the high routes in California’s Sierra Nevada
– 400+ miles crossing Iceland from NW to S
– My current project, “seasonslostfilm,” has me hiking the East Highland Way in Scotland in January and again in June.

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