Where Tibet and Nepal Meet: Tsum Valley Trekking, Nepal Himalaya

22 days of relaxing hiking on the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek, through the Nepal Himalayas, bordering Tibet. Join me, along with Sangay and Tsering (my guide and porter from Tsum Valley) on our trek as we experience authentic Tibetan and Nepalese village life, unlock the secrets within Tibetan monasteries, and go hiking with dogs, goats, yaks, and donkeys through breathtaking valleys and over awe-inspiring mountain passes. Trek was in March/April 2023.

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Himalayan Tahr Treks, the sponsor of this trek, is a locally owned and operated trekking company that specializes in providing unique and very local experiences within the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley regions. Because Sangay and Tsering were both from Tsum Valley, we were able to catch a glimpse of Tibetan village life by visiting their family homes and unlocking many monasteries in the villages.

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:01:20 – Kathmandu and Trek Planning
0:02:35 – Transportation to Jagat
0:03:40 – Jagat to Lokpha
0:07:05 – Lokpha Village Life
0:10:26 – Lokpha to Dramba
0:16:01 – Dramba to Lamagaun
0:18:57 – Tsering’s (Porter) Home in Lamagaun
0:20:43 – Milarepa Cave
0:23:13 – Tsum Valley Village Life
0:25:14 – Chule Snow Storm
0:27:32 – Gonhgye Monastery
0:30:58 – Chule to Nyak
0:35:46 – Nyak Village Life
0:38:05 – Nyak to Gyayoul
0:41:13 – Gyayoul Village Life
0:43:23 – Gyayoul to Sereng Monastery
0:45:29 – Serang Monastery Daily Life
0:53:11 – Serang Monastery to Ghap
0:54:21 – Ghap Village Life
0:56:18 – Ghap to Shyo
0:58:01 – Shyo Village Life
1:00:26 – Lho Village Life and Rituals
1:06:14 – Lho to Shyala
1:06:53 – Shyala to Pung Gyen Monastery
1:09:09 – Pung Gyen Monastery
1:11:11 – Pung Gyen Monastery to Samagaon
1:12:03 – Samagaon Village Life
1:14:50 – Manaslu Base Camp
1:16:50 – Samagaon to Larka Pass
1:18:29 – Crossing Larka Pass
1:20:10 – Bimthang Village and Conclusion

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